Cranberry Chili Sauce Stuffed Brie 


Meatballs in Cranberry Chili Sauce


 Bagels with Cream Cheese & Trinidad Scorpion Pepper Jelly 


Candied Jalapeños Deviled Eggs



Wicked Thai Maple Ginger Sauce

Dipping Sauce for Spring Rolls


Dipping Sauce for Dumplings


Perfect Pad Thai Sauce & Spring Roll Dipping Sauce


Candied Jalapeños on Ham & Smoked Gouda with Tomato 


 Jammin Jerk Chickpeas Snack or Appetizer


 Guyanese Wiri Wiri & Candied Jalapeños on Homemade Burger 


Colossal Caesar Cocktail with Candied Jalapeños & Ghost Pepper Tomato Hot Sauce